Our Bakery

We simply have a passion for bread. Traditional sourdough ensures a more easily digested bread, thus a more healthful bread.

We only use the best ingredients. organic certified flours, organic cane sugar and as much as available organic seeds. No additives or preservatives. Sink your teeth into a hearty crust baked in our traditional brick oven. Experience all the freshness, flavour, and aroma of a quality bread. Taste the Passion!

Why Sourdough?

It’s easy to digest. It’s full of health. It’s made with love.

The fermentation of sourdough is a similar process to that of wine, cheese and yogourt. The distinctive taste of this bread is from a controlled fermentation of quality organic rye flour. The lactobacillus present in sourdough is a vital component, which revitalizes living matter, minerals and trace elements.

The fermentation is carried out by a natural culture of airborne yeast and lactobacillus that live in symbiosis, and support those enzymes to transform the flour components into aroma, colour, CO2, elasticity in the soft heart of the bread and give it a naturally and relatively long shelf life.

Sourdough works like a little biological production center transforming flour into a tasteful treat, containing organic acids, enzymes and minerals, which are essential for balanced health.

To eat fermented food is more important than ever before. It brings balance into the majority of people’s diets, often composed of foods such as animal products and sugar, which lower the body’s pH.

“There’s an urban myth that if you want to loose weight, you shouldn’t eat bread. But the truth is, bread is one of our biggest sources of grains and has a number of healthy benefits.” – Prof. Terry Graham

Our Oven

Our hand-constructed custom brick oven has many advantages:

The nature of our breads’ crusts depends on the oven. Our traditional brick oven bakes a very palatable tasty crust which is part of the allure of a delicious loaf of bread.

It generates a moist, yet intense heat, allowing it to rapidly form a crust that effectively seals the loaf, locking in freshness and the bread’s aroma.

Our baking techniques, combined with our natural sourdough create a bread that has;

  •    a warm golden colour
  •    a hearty textured crust
  •    a moist light crumb
  •    an aroma that awakens the appetite
  •    a taste that returns enjoyment to a meal
  •    a naturally longer shelf life without any additives or preservatives

Come See Our Traditional Brick Oven!

Our Ingredients

The only ingredients we use in our bread loafs are: Organic Flour, Water, Sourdough, Sea Salt, Yeast (less than 1%), seeds, making all of our breads “vegan”.

Our Flour

Our flour organic certified, not enriched and not bleached,  ADA free. ​​ADA is a chemical commonly used in North America to artificially inflate the dough, likely bloating our bellies! This is why our breads are denser, and though they may seem ‘more expensive’ you are receiving more. When comparing prices, be sure to look for price per kilogram, as volume and size is often misleading.

Spelt, as well as Rye, contains a moderate amount of gluten. It is theoretically not suitable for celiac disease…though…we have had some of our celiac and gluten allergic customers can tolerate our Rye/Spelt breads! We believe that our gluten allergic customers can eat our bread because the sourdough breaks down enzymes and makes the gluten digestible and enjoyable.

Rye is a natural preservative and allows retention of nutritional values and taste. Fermentation of this sourdough bread allows neutralisation of phytic acid (enzyme found in rye), preventing its dangerous decalcifying properties and transforming them into a B vitamin.

An important feature of the Organic Rye and Spelt Flours, is that they are ancient graines and their gluten DNA differs that of the DNA of wheat.

That is why we recommend wheat-free bread for any diet – gluten sensitivities, allergies, diabetes, and any digestion related illness.

Our Water

The Water we use is from our farm’s deep drilled well. It is fresh and filtered. Of course, we regularly make sure to get its quality tested by the Health Unit.

Our Salt

The Sea Salt is obtained directly through the evaporation of sea-water. It undergoes minimal or no processing, and therefore retains trace levels of minerals, like magnesium, potassium, calcium and other nutrients.