Q: How long does your bread last?

A: None of our products contain any sort artificial preservatives. We recommend keeping what you know you can eat in the next 2-3 days on the counter and freeze the rest. With loaves it is convenient to have the bread pre-sliced, that way you can take out slices as you need them from the freezer. 

Q: Do you have gluten free bread?

A: We do not bake gluten free bread, however, we do bake wheat-free breads made with spelt and rye. Though these flours still contain gluten - it is a different kind of gluten from that of the wheat. The Sourdough fermentation in itself brings a lot of benefits to the bread promoting a healthier digestion. We have gluten sensitive and even celiac customers who are able to eat our bread. With that being said, every body is different and reacts differently to things. 

Q: How come your bread does not make me bloat?

A: The majority of the baking industry’s dominant focus today, lies on profit. Quality has been pushed to the side lines and many different ingredients are used in bread making today that we believe should not be there - do not have to be there. So we keep it as simple as possible. All you need it a good organic flour, water, sourdough, salt, yeast...that’s it.  We refrain ourselves from using any chemical ingredients such as azodicarbonamide (ADA), a synthetic blowing and whitening agent widely used in today's baking industry who is strangely enough also commonly used in the manufacturing of plastics and rubber. Several studies have proven that health problems will manifest themselves when this chemical is consumed. A common symptom that sensitive people will encounter is bloating and digestion problems. 

Q: Do you ever sell your sourdough starter?

A: No we do not. Our sourdough is our livelihood, and has been kept alive and past down 7 generations. 

Q: Why is your bread so expensive?

A: Believe it or not...our products are equal to if not cheaper than the bread you can obtain in the grocery store. If you don't believe us...Make sure you compare our prices with the grocery store prices per 100g. What seems to look like the same volume, has different densities. The breads we offer have a greater total weight, yet look the same as a bread that may weigh less in the grocery store, because our breads do not contain a specific chemical blowing and whitening agent widely used in today's baking industry.

Q: Do the grains for your flour come from your farm?

A: When we immigrated to Canada in 2008, our dream was to grow organic grains from our fields, have them milled, and then use them in our bakery. Unfortunately, in order to produce a quality baking flour with specific protein values, different batches of grain need to be mixed together because grains from one field sometimes do not contain all the values that are needed.

O N L I N E  P U R C H A S E

Q: Why do orders need to be placed before Thursdays noon?

A: We need to have your orders in one day early because we prepare our doughs multiple hours in advance for the sourdough to rest and ferment for a specific amount of time before bread is actually baked.

Q: Can I not order bread online to pick up at your different stores anymore?

A: Our online shop is only for orders that get picked up at the farm stores and our different markets. If you wish to place an order to pick up at a specific store such as Maitland Market and Supply, you can place it with them directly, email us at redcatfarms@gmail.com, or give us a call at 519-524-1283. Remember, all orders need to be sent in by Thursdays before noon.