What we do & Why we do it

We do what some people may call ‘swim against the stream’. We farm our fields organically, meaning working the land without using any chemical pesticides and herbicides. We are part of a minority of farmers today (unfortunately).

We spend a lot more hours on the fields than conventional and GMO farmers to try to control the weeds as best we can. Timing, as to when to go on the field and when not, is a very important factor for the turn-out of our crops, especially with weather fluctuating ever so quickly these days. Its always very risky to manage combating the weeds before it is too late. Some years the time frame available to work the land before the rain comes is very small, and next thing you see is our fields looking like a jungle, which means.. start all over again if time allows it or share the soil nutrition with the weeds and harvest small.

​Weeds bring a lot of stress and doubt sometimes. They come in all ‘shapes and sizes’. Some are tall and hide our crops below enabling them to reach their full potential. Some are very thick and strong and make our combine work very hard. Some carry seeds that are similar in shape and size to soybeans (difficult to sort/separate). Some are very juicy and like to stain our grain (lower our grain value). Some are beautiful and decorate our field. Its always a surprise which weed will dominantly grow each year.

So why do all of this extra work and add all the pressure and stress if we could seed our seeds, and when weeds peak through simply spray them away?

​We feel that soil and water are precious things, they are the basis to life. We have compassion and respect to the micro-organisms who work countless hours to make our soil healthy and rich. Most importantly, we accept nature’s rhythm and its way of ‘doing things’. And so we believe it is safe for us to say that we more so go with the stream, with the flow of nature, rather than against. We honour everything about this world and don’t want to interfere with its nature.