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Organic Bread & Farming is our Passion

Our bread

Our Bread

We simply have a passion for bread. Traditional sourdough ensures a more easily digested bread, thus a more healthful bread. We only us the best ingredients. No additives or preservatives. Sink your teeth into a hearty crust baked in our traditional brick oven. Experience all the freshness, flavour, and aroma of a quality bread. Taste the Passion!

Our sourdough

Our Sourdough

Sourdough is a cocktail of enzymes. During the fermentation, the sourdough through the enzyme “maltase” reduces the maltose (sugar) present in flour. This process brings the sugar level down in the bread and at the same time keeps the blood sugar level low for sourdough bread consumers. The more sourdough in the bread, the better it is, and the more rye in the recipe, the more sourdough is needed.

Our oven

Our Oven

Our hand-constructed custom brick oven has many advantages: The nature of our breads’ crusts depends on the oven. Our traditional brick oven bakes a very palatable tasty crust which is part of the allure of a delicious loaf of bread. It generates a moist, yet intense, heat, allowing it to rapidly form a crust that effectively seals the loaf, locking in freshness and the bread’s aroma.

Our farm

Our Farm

We do what some people may call ‘swim against the stream’. We farm our fields organically, meaning working the land without using any chemical pesticides and herbicides. We are part of a minority of farmers today (unfortunately). We spend a lot more hours on the fields than conventional and GMO farmers to try to control the weeds as best we can. Timing, as to when to go on the field and when not, is a very important factor for the turn-out of our crops, especially with weather fluctuating ever so quickly these days.

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